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All About The Grauman's Chinese Theatre Los Angeles Posted b

For over 75 years, Grauman's Chinese Theatre has remained the crowning beauty of Los Angeles. It is the one of its kind theatre that serves more purposes than just a theatre. It is the oldest, contains history and marks of media evolution like no other place in the world. It offers great entertainment and is host to several events, festivals and ceremonies that attract lime light from all over the world. Most importantly it is the icon of Los Angeles.

Firstly, let me tell you that in all flights to Los Angeles, among hundreds of tourists visiting the country each year, more than half have "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" at top of the list. Some even say that coming to Los Angeles and not visiting "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" is like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. It is what will make your trip of Los Angeles complete.

Every tourist destination has some characteristics of the city or country such as the Pyramids in Egypt is the representative of a country that believes in doing in the impossible. The Great Wall of China is the land mark of people who know how to be a warrior and protect themselves. The Rome Coliseum tells the tale of muscular people who loved sports. Similarly, "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" is the representative of the taste and flavor of Los Angeles and what the country and its people are all about. It is not a museum that defines the country or an old mega structure that celebrates its artists but a 'theatre' that in true sense, defines the fun loving and modern day city Los Angeles.

Here are some of the facts about "Grauman's Chinese Theatre" Los Angeles: