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BP and CEO Yachting - From a Philosophical Standpoint - So What?

Most people agree that it is important to have a balanced life and that when you do, you will also achieve more at work. So, then why is the American Public so angry with Tony Hayward of BP for going to a Yacht Race on his day off? After all since the explosion and oil leak he'd worked for 55-days straight and been made the scapegoat by the mass media, that has to be taking an emotional toll. Nevertheless, the media had a field day when they hunted him down and spotted him having fun on his day off?

It seems it is okay for everyone else in the world to have a balanced life but business cannot be fun, no Yachting for the President of BP when he's over stressed and ready to implode, why? Apparently, Tony Hayward is not allowed to be a balanced individual, but we surely need him to be during this crisis.

The media was all over him, for regrouping, rebalancing, trying to relax for one day. Indeed, I can recall 23 years, of nearly 17 hours a day, seven days a week myself, and I never considered what I did working, I actually considered it challenging, exciting, and a sport. But I did like to get out on my motorcycle every once in a while, and go scout out a new area, or jump in a private plane and fly over a future market. To me I mix business with pleasure, and that's another way to play it.

It is my contention that the media is really hurting efforts now, they are certainly hurting BP's stock, and company's financial standing. Maybe we ought to reject these attacks by the media, so intent on placing blame, and blame the media for amping up the sound and fury to the point, no one can feel good. Think on this.