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Helping You Organize Events Successfully

is one of the world's largest talent portal, on a constant search to find hidden talent in individuals around the world. Desitara constantly organizes various online contests where individuals can participate and exhibit their talent to the world and in the process bag some nice prizes for themselves.

Desitara is majorly a talent portal which provides a platform for talented individuals to exhibit their talent. Desitara is also a social networking site where individuals can network and interact with each other and various celebrities who constantly keep visiting the website. Users can get advice and opinions from experts in a particular field.

Another field that Desitara is into is events. Desitara has successfully conducted various events all over the world. One of the most note worthy event that was conducted by Desitara is the "Miss Bollywood UK". This was a beauty pageant for the citizens of UK held in the month of October last year. The contest was held in Birmingham where the contestants were judged by a panel of expert judges.

Another event organized by Desitara which was immensely successful is the "Sing With Sonu" contest. This was hunt for talented singers around India and the winner of the contest got an opportunity to perform with the ever great Sonu Nigam. There were a lot of singers with huge talent who auditioned. The two note worthy winners of the "sing with Sonu" contest are Sarthak and Mahesh. Sarthak is also the winner of the famous indian reality contest "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs". After winning the Sing with Sonu contest Mahesh has got a lot of opportunities to sing and also be a judge on various Singing reality contests.

Desitara also organizes parties every weekend. If you are looking for an event management company to take care of any event that you might be planning, it would be a really good idea to use the services of Desitara as they have a record of organizing events and making them a huge success. No matter what kind of event you are planning to organize, be it a small college reunion or a huge party where thousands of individuals flow in, Desitara can successfully handle the event and make it the talk of the town.

All you need to have is an idea for the event that you would like to organize. Desitara and the team of experts will strive day and night to organize your event without any hiccups. Desitara will help you in arranging the venue, the audio visual systems, the caterers if needed and also the sponsors for the event. All in all Desitara will take care of every aspect of organizing your event.