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Lacoste Trainers: Handsome Treat for Cool Feet!

The Lacoste brand is known worldwide today for its quality products. Initially it was famous as an apparel giant, but today it has ventured into a host of other products. Lacoste trainers are one such reputed product from this famous brand. It is well-designed with perfect finish, and is really a visual treat for people who favour quality.

Lacoste trainers come in a variety of designs. Lacoste Protect SPM, Marcel canvas, Observe 2DNMT, Protect LM SPM leather, Protect SPM, Protect VT, Ortai 5 SRM leather, Albany TN SPM canvas, Huntingdon SPM, Broadwick PS !

There are so many! And all of them are the very best selected from the latest collection of Lacoste this season. The Lacoste Arona SRM suede trainers are something you are sure to drool over! The styling is minimal, crafted with care and worth every penny you spend on it. Available in light brown and slate blue, they are really amazing creations.

Cerberus steps SRM comes in orange and black, and is a good investment too. With their comfortable fitting and neat finish, they catch one's attention immediately. They are great options when you feel like indulging in some sports like billiards, snooker and bowling. In fact they are so comfy and light, don't be amazed if you find your game improves when you have these on!

Lacoste Design L 27 SPM high top trainer has white toe cover with laced up brown or black leather till the ankle. It comes with white rubber soles. This looks good matched with a Lacoste Fetish black jacket.

Lacoste Protect pass SPM trainers are available in brown leather. It comes with Velcro single fastener. The finish is classy, and definitely worth the money!

The Europa SBCN SPM trainer model of Lacoste is popular with men. The Protect MIC SPM model, has a good lining and finish. It is a good bargain, and a must-have for all men.

Another value for money buy is Nistos strap IT SPM trainers. Built sturdily, it looks princely! Well done inner soles give a comfy feel to the feet and the Velcro strappy fasteners make it convenient. They come in white and black.