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Take Back Your Life With A Medicare Electric Wheelchair From Orb

Listed below are the steps required to qualify for an electric wheelchair through Medicare.

1. You must get a prescription from your doctor. This prescription needs to be obtained in a face-to-face mobility evaluation. A mobility evaluation is different from a general appointment. During the evaluation, your doctor will ask you a series of questions to find out if you could possibly qualify for a Medicare electric wheelchair or through your private insurance company.

2. The second step in getting a Medicare electric wheelchair is finding a vendor to work with. It is important to pick a vendor that has a lot of experience working with Medicare because they will make the experience as seamless as possible. Orbit Medical has many experienced mobility specialists that have helped thousands of people through this process. The vendor will obtain a prescription from your doctor and begin filling out the necessary Medicare paperwork. Once the vendor has filed the claim for your Medicare electric wheelchair, they will continue assisting you with every step.

3. The last step is delivery and setup. Orbit Medical will have one of our service specialists deliver your new wheelchair to your home. They will also make all the proper adjustments to the Medicare electric wheelchair so that it fits your body. Lastly, they will teach you how to properly use your new Medicare electric wheelchair so you can get back to doing the things you love again.